The Ubizo team

The Founder

Siyabulela "Sabu" Siyaka was born, bred, and buttered in the township of Langa within Cape Town, South Africa. He was raised in the rich culture and unity within his community, despite the harsh reality of the past.

Through his resiliency, he founded Ubizo, which directly translates to "the calling". Ubizo is to share the abundance of the townships’ culture and deep history with the world.

As the Vice-Chair of his community’s local government and an executive member of Langa Ward 53, Sabu has always strived–and continues to strive– to steer his community towards a prosperous and hopeful future by pushing for more housing, community and development projects within Langa.

The Company

Ubizo Events & Tours was founded in 2008 and has exclusively trained and employed tour guides from within the township–more than ten guids since the company was started. Ubizo tour guides each have an amplitude of experience as well as historical context of the township. As a result, Ubizo provides a broader experience and better understanding of Cape Town’s diverse cultural heritage.

Concurrently, this company is community-oriented and creates opportunities for those in the township economically and socially. Ubizo makes sure to serve the township community as much as its customers.

The Brand Ambassadors

In 2008, Sabu gathered his brand ambassadors, who serve as tour guides, and founded Ubizo Events & Tours. Our brand ambassadors are vibrant, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic tour guides born and bred in the township. Each ambassador has their own specialty including arts, sports, history, music, politics and culture.